Meet Freya
(Minkkit's RSS Purple Haze)

It all began in 1994.  I attended a rare breeds dog show in Washington, DC where a saw a ring full of spectacular animals.  Big, strong, gorgeous dogs.  I was hooked, but it would be many years before I was able to get my first Shiloh Shepherd.

As stated on the Puppies Page, if you are going to purchase a purebred dog from a breeder, do you homework first.

After much research and several visits to their home, I became friends with an extraordinary lady who is both very knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to her breed.  Her name is Christy Yonavick of Ridgewood Shiloh Shepherds.

Freya was born on March 1, 2007 and became the newest member of our pack the following May.

She has been raised using this method from the moment she toddled though our front door.  She is calm, stable, and well balanced.

This method can do the same for your puppy!